And the Winner of the Economy Sleep Position Contest is…

First off, I apologize for posting the winner a little later than 9 AM. I found it ironic that I coincidentally “slept in” a bit today when the topic of the contest was sleep! Ha!

I’d like to thank everyone who entered to win my airline swag; I really enjoyed reading all of your funny airline sleep positions & I’ll admit that I got some inspiration and ideas to try next time (example – the beach ball idea, brilliant!)

Without further delay, using, the lucky number that was generated was 36, making commenter Jesse Sheridan the winner! Congratulations!

Jesse writes, “I am one who spills over, hopefully on the window and not the big hairy guy next to me.”

Jesse, please send me an email by April 19 with your mailing information for me to ship your prize.

Thanks to all for entering! Keep reading – I have some more fun giveaways lined up regularly, as always.

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