Earn Up to 1,000 US Airways Miles For $9

I thought this deal was worth mentioning because buying 1,000 US Airways miles directly from the airline costs $35 for 1,000. Today on U.S. Airways’ Dividend Miles Daily Deal site, there is an offer for a 1-year subscription to the Taste of the South magazine for $9. New members can earn 500 miles with your first purchase, and then 500 additional miles when you refer your friend and they make a purchase as well. You can sign up for Dividend Miles Daily Deals here (that’s my link), and you’re more than welcome to start a “referral conga line” in the comments below so everyone has a chance to get the full 1,000 miles for $9.

Cost per mile with this deal:

  • 500 miles with first purchase: ~$0.018 per mile
  • 1000 miles (first purchase, plus friend’s first purchase): ~ $0.009 per mile

This is great deal if you’re only a few miles short of an award… and of course, if you want the magazine too ;)



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