1,000 Free and INSTANT United Miles

Wow, talk about instant gratification! You can receive up to 1,000 bonus MileagePlus bonus miles instantly when you register with bckstgr.com (400 miles) and sync your Twitter account (200 miles), Facebook account (200 miles), and Foursquare account (200 miles).

So what is Bckstgr?

Bckstgr is a new interactive social media platform with the following claim:

Being the curious cat that I am, I thought this was one of those “too-good-to-be-true” offers, so I had to try this for myself. Thankfully, to my pleasant surprise, the bonus miles showed up in my MileagePlus account instantly when I hit refresh.

Aside from the generous sign-up bonuses, if you check out the “Earn” tab up top, you can see there are some live offers/social media challenges you can complete for some more miles. For example, if you send a tweet with your synced twitter account with hashtag #KingCafeChicago, you’ll be awarded an additional 50 miles. Feel free to play around with the site to uncover more ways to earn miles.

Worth It?

Uh… yeah! This is a total no-brainer if you don’t mind sharing your MileagePlus account info and social media profiles with Bckstgr. This is a great way to top off your account for an award redemption or easily keep your miles active/prevent them from expiring. Just as reference point, United.com sells 1,000 MileagePlus miles for $35, but I realistically value 1 UA mile at ~ 2 cents, making this offer “worth” around $20. Enjoy!

Hat Tip to PointsHoarder

Let’s connect: Twitter | Facebook | Subscribe


  1. says

    Thanks for the great tip! This is just the “kick in the pants” I need to finally get a Twitter and Four Square account … finally expanding my social media footprint :-)

  2. Joel says

    Wonder how long this will last! Am taking advantage of the tweeting and Facebook “advertising”, gotten more than 2k miles so far (including initial signup bonuses). Much better than TopGuest. Posted so many, my friends thought someone hacked my Facebook account ;)

  3. Joel says

    The miles show up almost instantaneously on Bckstgr. However, United takes a longer time to process it. Give it half an hour to 1 hour and you will find that it will show up.

  4. Cindy says

    Word must be spreading… the site seems a bit bogged down. Hopefully they will get it straightened out soon. I haven’t seen easy miles like this in a while!

  5. Mileswhore says

    Even worse, it posted the initial 400 to UA, but now it doesn’t recognize me during login. When I go to establish another account, it says the MP account # already used. The site crashed right as I was selecting my email and password.

  6. Lisa says

    Got 400 points but page kept crashing when I was trying register my email and password. And when I tried to log in, the site doesn’t recognize me… sigh…

  7. SOLTATIO says

    Thanks for the head up. The points posted instantly. Although I did have to wait till after all the US folks had gone to bed before the site would actually load long enough for me to complete the details before crashing! :) Well worth the wait though.

  8. Trevor says

    Thanks Angelina. I seem to be getting an error message when inputting my MileagePlus number and PIN…it says that the info is incorrect (but I’m certain that it’s correct).

  9. FlyerM says

    Not accepting my info either, i’ve tried:
    MileagePlus Username
    MileagePlus Account Number
    Resetting password
    Old (pre merger) United account number

    As a last resort I used bckstgr contact form to ask for help. No response yet.

  10. Mike says

    I’m having the same sort of issue:

    “Error: Unable to complete registration. Please verify your Account and Pin/Password. Thanks you.”

  11. Richard Ryan says

    Bckstgr wants more than to link to your FB, Twitter and 4Sq accts. They want to be able to post in your name. That kind of intrusion is just not worth a couple of hundred miles to me.

  12. Richard H says

    I was finally able to sign up and it obviously got my name, address, etc. from my United account, but no miles posted immediately. Now if I could only figure out what I have to do to sync my Facebook and other accounts. Can someone help the social network challenged?

  13. Richard H says

    Follow up to my previous comment #39, I got my accounts synched. Apparently it was not working last night. I still have not received any United miles though. The sign up page had changed from the original one that kept giving an error message. It made no mention of miles for signing up. Are they not offering any miles now?

  14. Richard Ryan says

    I just went on the Bckstgr and it still shows the offer.

    However, I have not seen any points show up in my MileagePlus acct.

  15. Richard H says

    Finally got my miles after 2 days. BTW, I accidentally discovered that you can get 25 more miles by liking them on Facebook.

  16. User says

    Just completed the offer and wanted to share that the United Mileage Plus miles did not post yet. The bckstgr account shows the additional miles but they have not shown up in my Mileage Plus account. It may not be instant in every case.

  17. Person says

    I can’t get the site to work no matter which browser I use. It won’t let me link my social media sites even though it took my United info just fine.


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