10 Things to Know About Park Hyatt Maldives

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A few weeks ago, I made a quick hop over to one of the most aspirational destinations in the world – The Maldives, where I spent three nights at the legendary Park Hyatt Maldives. After reading the dozens of “raves” and enthusiastic reviews from other bloggers, I’ll admit that my expectations were set extremely high – this was going to be the trip of my lifetime, I thought. While I am happy that I had a chance to set foot in the Maldives and experience some of the islands, I can’t say I’ll be returning anytime soon. Why? It’s expensive. Very expensive. And remote. Very remote. Have I become a travel snob, or am I simply too much of a bargainsta to let myself “go” and indulge?

You won’t find a standard review of the room and resort grounds in this post – there are plenty of those reviews on other blogs and on TripAdvisor. Instead, I’ll present a few facts to help with your planning if this is a destination you’re aspiring to visit. I know many other readers and honeymooners have the Maldives high on their list, so I hope this post can serve as a helpful guide if you’re considering visiting the Maldives in the future (more specifically, the Park Hyatt Maldives).

Free Nights Are Possible (*see below)

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.39.38 PM

Unless you feel like shelling out $750-$1100 per night, you can take a deep breath knowing that free nights are possible. Most people choose to use their two free night certificates from the Hyatt Credit card, but another option is to redeem 25,000 Hyatt points per night. Hyatt points can be acquired via 1:1 transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards programs using one of my favorite credit cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. However, free night certificates and points redemptions will only book you into a standard Park Villa. If you want to upgrade to Pool Villa, you’ll need to shell out an additional $200 a night. Be prepared to pay an extra $350 a night to upgrade to Park Water Villa. There are a total of 51 Villas at the resort; just a tip, the higher the number, the more privacy you’ll have (especially if you are thinking about booking a Park Water Villa, you’ll want #51).


It’s Really, Really Remote

…almost too remote for my liking. Do understand that you’ll have to pay another $470 per head for the round-trip transfer from Male (MLE) to the resort. After landing in Male (MLE), which is a small airport to begin with, you’ll have to take yet another flight on a propeller plane to Koodhoo, operated by Maldivian Airlines, that is either direct or makes one additional ground stop. Once you land at Koodhoo, you’ll meet with an Park Hyatt Maldives representative that will take you on a golf cart to the boat dock, where you’ll have to take a 45-minute speed boat to the resort. All in all, it took us several hours (5 to be exact) to “transfer” from MLE to the Park Hyatt Resort. It was night time by the time we checked in, and I was pooped, but hey – I got to wake up to this the next morning:

IMG_0324 IMG_0313IMG_0320

Surprise, Surprise – It’s Couples Galore

Who would have guessed? If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, than this is the place for you if you enjoy spending days upon days of uninterrupted romantic time together. I would not recommend this place if you’re traveling with family (sorry Dad), a non-romantic friend(s), or if you’re looking for a wild getaway. I believe all of the villas come equipped with a king-sized bed and all-around floor-to-ceiling windows. This place is also very quiet – I could almost hear the stars twinkling at night. I traveled with a non-romantic friend, and we survived the “couples’ retreat” just fine by spending time at the beach, snorkeling, and relaxing by the pool. After dinner hours (9 pm), the resort is pretty much a ghost town, so I found myself sound asleep before 10 pm (hey, at least I was able to wake up for 6 am yoga the next morning)!


It’s Fun to Wake Up and Go Snorkeling

We opted to upgrade to the Park Water Villa to get the “ultimate Maldivian experience”. My favorite part about this decision was that it gave me the chance to roll out of bed to snorkel with colorful fish. Literally. Don’t think I’ll have a chance to do that again!



Consider a Diving or Snorkeling Excursion

On the topic of snorkeling, The Maldives is a great place to take an off-shore diving or snorkeling excursion. There is a PADI dive shop on premises of the Park Hyatt Maldives, and a two-tank dive excursion will cost you about $389 including all taxes and fees. If you’re not certified, you can choose to snorkel for ~$50. Do know that the current in the Maldives is very strong; you can always take the sun on the top deck of the boat if you need a break from snorkeling.

Food is Insanely Expensive – Here’s How to Keep the Cost Lower

With a location so remote, how can one possibly expect food to be inexpensive? I didn’t. I did my homework and knew what I was getting into. I knew that breakfast was included for all guests (and it’s very plentiful), and I knew that a hamburger cost around $40 by reading other reviews. Speaking of breakfast, you can pretty much order whatever and how ever much food you want from the menu. What’s even better is that breakfast ends pretty late (I believe 11 am), so with proper planning, you can essentially have a late breakfast, skip lunch, and “splurge” on dinner. If you’re really feeling like a high-roller romantic, you can even request a private dining, complete with stargazing for $395-$495 per couple (tips and taxes additional). There’s also beach BBQ dining events held several times per week, which feature an all-you-can-eat buffet on the beach for approximately $95 a person. I think the dining on the beach option is worth it for at least one of the nights.


Service is Outstanding

The service here is impeccable. As Hyatt Diamond guests, we were personally greeted by the GM and all of the staff members on the resort grounds. We were also assigned a “host” the duration of our stay who was excellent and always was available when needed for requests. The personalized service we received at the Park Hyatt Maldives was top-of-the-line, just as one would expect from a Park Hyatt brand.

It’s Nice, But…

I’ve been to better places. Yup, I said it. When I say “better”, I take all things into account – price, food, location, accessibility, etc. In my honest opinion, if you’re looking for a similar experience at a fraction of the price, consider southeast Asia. While I have yet to visit Bali, my parents have and absolutely fell in love with it – it was romantic, inexpensive, and one of the best vacations they’ve taken together. Another alternative I can personally recommend is the island of Palawan in the Philippines (Google it and you’ll see how beautiful it is). I spent several days at an AMAZING remote beach resort back in 2011. We ate lavishly every evening under the stars for under $20 a person, wine included, and we had a daily evening massage on the beach for less than the price of a cocktail in a NYC lounge. Those are the kinds of places I like to travel to. I like to relax knowing that I don’t have huge credit card bill waiting for me when I return.

It’s Too Fancy Pants For Me

Maybe it’s just me, but as I said before in my previous post about Park Hyatt Tokyo, I prefer using my points for flights, not hotel nights. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I also *really* enjoy traveling on a budget. Yes, The Maldives is an A-List destination, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t take much to satisfy a true beach bum.

And Lastly…

3 Nights is Enough


This post is no way intended to be a negative review of the the resort or the beautiful islands that make up The Maldives. I just know that so many people are dying to get there thinking it’s the greatest place on earth, without taking several important factors into consideration including how expensive and remote it is. While I genuinely did enjoy the beauty of the Maldivian sun, sand, and water, I look forward to traveling to more budget-friendly places in the future.

If you have also visited The Maldives recently, feel free to leave some tips and feedback about your trip in the comments that you think might be helpful to other readers. I’d love to hear your input!

*Free nights are possibly by transferring 25,000 Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt GoldPassport points. Here’s how to get Ultimate Rewards points:


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  1. dhammer53 says

    It’s nice to finally read an honest review of this property. None of the other bloggers have ever mentioned the 5 hour transit from the airport to the hotel. Travel blog readers know this property is expensive, but that transit time is killer, especially after a long trip from NY to SE Asia or India, and then to MLE.

  2. Dan says


    Because it’s so much easier to use the Maldives trip reports to pimp the Chase Hyatt or Chase Sapphire/Ink cards.

  3. Greg says

    To be fair, Gary talked in detail on his blog about the transfers from MLE to his hotel, including about how he wanted to get the non-stop flight from MLE rather than the one stop.

  4. Tiara says

    Thanks for sharing your honest opinions. This makes me think twice before going there. That means, I need to use my 2 Park Hyatt free nights somewhere else. Aside from park Hyatt Tokyo, any suggestions?

  5. Patrick says

    “A few weeks ago, I made a quick hop over to one of the most aspirational destinations in the world – The Maldives..”

    A quick hop? ;-)

  6. mike says

    Thanks for the honest review! I’m headed there with a S/O in December and we’re setting our expectations up in a similar way. It’s a fair point that even with an award stay, the transfers, dinners, and excursions sure add up. I feel especially bad for the “full retail” honeymooners who spend 10x to get the same experience and get the “meh” feeling when it’s all said and done.

  7. Patrick says

    They meet everyone upon arrival – not just Diamond status guests.

    You mentioned “better” places in Bali.. Any suggestions of where to stay?

    And the island of Palawan.. how’s the accessibility?


  8. Bill says

    Thanks for the review. We as a couple love to go to very remote, luxury, and dive destinations to get away from it all, so the PH Maldives sounds like a perfect destination for us even if it may be too remote for many. For divers, obviously, the PH Maldives offers largely unexplored reefs and channels compared to the more popular North and South Atolls, so the PH is a fantastic option in that regard. Also, if you dive, 3 nights will hardly be enough since you often can’t fly within 12-24 hours of diving. Most dive trips therefore last 5-6 days at minimum for the more serious divers like us.

  9. Johnny says

    Outside of Dan’s Deals, has there even been a Maldives trip report that’s included affiliate links?

    Has there ever been a Park Hyatt Maldives report from a blogger that has stayed that which included a link to Sapphire Preferred/Ink/Hyatt cards?

    I’m not finding any. And it doesn’t take 5 hours to get to the PH Maldives from MLE. It’s a one-hour flight. And a 30 minute boat ride. Are you counting time to clear immigration and customs in MLE?

    You can visit the Maldives without the long transit time, the Sheraton Full Moon Resort is much much closer to MLE and doesn’t require a domestic flight for example.

    Are there any PH MLE trip reports that don’t mention the transit to the resort? I’ve never seen any. And AFAIK Lucky, TPG, FTG haven’t even ever been to PH MLE. So not sure what’s with all the “blogs are shilling the Maldives to sell credit cards” meme…?

  10. iv says

    Thanks for your post! I will be going to The Maldives in Oct. on my own for three nights but staying at W Retreat. I got the flight in Business on miles but will pay $ for the hotel. I figure its once in a lifetime experience now or never.

  11. wt73 says

    I dunno.

    It’s pretty hard to compare a property like this to a $20 a night place in SE Asia.

    Bali is also overcrowded and a high density population island. It’s definitely not a private island experience.

  12. Kurt says

    Interesting review…makes me happy I chose Bali for my honeymoon over the Maldives. Any suggestions on where to stay in Bali? Where did your parents stay that they loved? Thanks :-)

  13. Levy Flight says

    Nice down to earth review. Many thanks. Sometimes I read reviews and think they are saying it is special because that is how it is marketed and they have bought in to the hype. I appreciate your straight forward attitude. Happy travels – Levy.

  14. mommypoints says

    Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing! I agree it is not somewhere I would want to go with a non-romantic partner…unless you are just seeking quiet solitude or are very into diving.

    I think it is a great spot for a honeymoon, anniversary, etc. to just get some “down time” in an amazing place (on points) with a partner. Sometimes that one-on-one time can be so hard to come by if you are at home or somewhere with too many distractions, excursions, etc. Looking forward to my own trip – though not to the massive food prices. ;)

  15. says

    @Angelina, great review!
    I did just 2 nights and had plenty of time to relax and do lots of water sports.
    3 nights really is enough time to experience it.


    I chuckled and went to look, but believe it or not there weren’t any affiliate link in the post:

    Also my connection time in MLE was less than 2 hours.

    And the snorkeling was like nowhere else I’ve ever been, just unreal. And it’s not just fun to roll over and snorkel, it’s awesome.

    My main beef with the Park Hyatt is the lack of private pools on the water villas…that was something we used a lot.

  16. says

    @dhammer53: thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. We flew from Abu Dhabi and had a layover for a little over an hour before boarding the domestic flights (stopover option was only available). I was originally intending to jump right in the water as soon as I got there, but when we saw that it was pitch black out by the time we arrived, that obviously didn’t happen lol

    @Greg: Yes, I agree, I have seen other reports that included info on the transfers. after experiencing it though, the transfer was a bit too long and too expensive for me to want to do that again hah.

    @Tiara: No prob! happy you stopped by and appreciated the review. I personally used my 2 free nights at Grand Hyatt Kauai last night and it was lovely. Not really as aspirational as PH Tokyo or PH Paris Vendome, but it worked for me and my travel plans and it was excellent! What trips do you have high on your list?

    @Jason: I’m open to visiting Bora Bora, Tahiti, Fiji, etc. in the future if I come across an exceptional deal :)

    @Patrick: Ha, oxymoron, I know :-P. Hey, it sorta was a quick hop from Abu Dhabi! :)

    @Geoff: I agree – can’t wait to get myself to Bali. I feel like booking a trip now to be honest LOL.

    @Bill: I definitely agree that this is an excellent dive location choice. I’m not certified, but my friend was and he said it was stunning. You can hop around to many dive stops over the course of a week.

    @Johnny: I can’t speak for everyone’s experience/transfer times, but mine was definitely much longer than the 1-2 hours that others might have been fortunate to get. After landing in MLE from AUH, we had a layover over an hour and 2 flights on on propeller plane + the boat portion. Coming back was long too – even with the nonstop. By the time it was time to leave, I was dreading my 24-hour travel time back to NYC… all in economy too. Yuck.

    iv: without a doubt you will definitely enjoy your trip!

    wt73: I’m not comparing the maldives to bali, I’m just giving people less expensive options. I can’t speak for Bali myself, but Palawan is definitely remote and a-not-so-blogged about exotic escape. I highly recommend it.

    Kurt: You can check out some of my dad’s posts about his trip to Bali: http://justanotherpointstraveler.boardingarea.com/2012/07/09/dad-post-a-luxury-8-day-hong-kongbali-trip-challenge-for-under-700/ and http://justanotherpointstraveler.boardingarea.com/2012/10/23/dad-post-a-few-days-in-bali-for-galungan-day-bali-hyatt-review-tour-suggestions/

    My parents stayed at Bali Hyatt for 7,000 points a night.

    @Levy: Thanks so much – I appreciate your kind words.Happy Travels!

    @mommypoints: You will definitely enjoy your time there with mrmommypoints and I can’t wait to hear about it~!

    @Dan: Thanks for stopping by. I’m jealous of your short connection time! And yes, the snorkeling was freaking great!

  17. says

    Good to know. This hobby isn’t as fun when you have to shell out thousands of dollars on top of hundreds of thousands of miles. Can you share the resort you stayed at in Palawan?

  18. Jesse says

    Matamanoa Island Resort in Fiji is worth a trip, take the chopper to save some time, plus it is cheap!

  19. Tom says

    To those who mentioned it, Bali IS wonderful, with some superb resorts, but none of them have overwater bungalows. Regardless, the variety of accommodations there is extraordinary, and it is one of the few Southeast Asian islands where you can customize your resort to whatever your taste might be. There are myriad luxury choices, and mine will probably strike some as pedestrian: Amandari is a joy in Ubud…quiet and exclusive with a stunning setting and even better food and service, and I absolutely love the pool at the beachside St. Regis. (Beaches in Bali are okay…but don’t offer the brilliance of the Maldives or even places like St. John in the Caribbean.) One of the better, quirky properties is the remote Sacred Mountain Sanctuary, where you’ll have more opportunities to experience the the best part of Bali: the peaceful, spiritual and nature-connected culture. And for what it’s worth, I’ve found the two Four Seasons resorts to be overrated.

  20. says

    Bali is an amazing place but I’d say that it’s more for the culture, insanely friendly people and budget options. I am not a beach person but if I was I’d go back to Phuket. Phuket had possibly the most amazing beaches that I’ve ever seen. A day trip to the Phi Phi Islands was also incredible. Another great option would be Moorea which is a short ferry ride from Tahiti.

  21. says

    A fascinating an alternative review Angelina, good to read. For me this place is amazing, and I have always said a big part of that is buried in it’s remoteness. Plus I can’t help but feel you have to be a diver to really experience this place. The cost I can deal with. Remember I visited this place for 10 nights when it was Alila Villas, so we paid full freight and still loved the place. Now the ability to reduce the cost by points is fabulous. Frankly if the high prices of food and transfers keep out those who daren’t spend a penny on anything, that is just another big plus in my book. The beauty of the underwater world is largely tied to the remoteness. The coral in the more accessible and more developed northern atolls has taken more than its fair share of abuse whereas here you have these incredible gardens of abundant untouched coral. It’s absolutely amazing. Now that’s not to say it’s hard work to get to. And you are right given connection times for most people it will be 3-5 hours from landing before they get to the hotel. For us both times we arrived at night on the late SQ flight and did not get to the hotel until around 3am. I am planning another trip right now for August and it is on my mind I’d rather not do the long transfer… but then again once you get there… for me it is still heaven

  22. Kevin says

    Here’s the #1 reason the Maldives should be on top of your list: The entire country will be under water in 20-40 years. Sea levels are rising due to the accelerated melting of the polar ice caps.

    Also, the author’s experience was unusual in the she was NOT on a romantic getaway. Having a romantic partner with you to share the beauty of the islands is unmatched.

  23. Kevin says

    Here’s the #1 reason the Maldives should be on the top of your list: The entire country will be under water in 20-40 years. Sea levels are rising due to the accelerated melting of the polar ice caps.

    Also, the author’s experience was unusual in the she was NOT on a romantic getaway. Having a romantic partner with you to share the beauty of the islands is unmatched.

  24. Kevin says

    Here’s the #1 reason the Maldives should be on the top of your list: The entire country will be under water in 20-40 years. Sea levels are rising due to the accelerated melting of the polar ice caps.

    Also, the author’s experience was unusual in the she was NOT on a romantic getaway. Having a romantic partner with you to share the beauty of the islands is unmatched.

  25. StargoldUA says

    Went there in 2008 for our 5 yr anniv as part of a bigger trip to Asia. We weren’t exactly rolling in cash so we did a 3d/2n trip. I am not sure if people look around much when thinking about Maldives, but last I checked there were over 80 resorts, several of them major chains. so PH isn’t the only resort out there. We stayed at Kuredu, got a package for $1500, that included transfers via sea plane for both, 2 n in a beach bungalow and unlimited food n drink, free snorkel tour , free sunset tour and a couples massage. A fair price i think. To the sheep I say, for once forget listening to bloggers and find a good travel agent. That’s what I did and was totally worth it. Just my $0.02

  26. PatMike says

    Very well said. We did 8 nights at the Conrad on points and it was a bit too long. Yes, the snorkeling was great; whale sharks particularly. We also had stingrays, turtles, octopus and hundreds of fish just off of our deck and on the house reef.
    There is a cost, however. We just travel too much to overpay for “once in a lifetime” excursions and dinners. We are both certified divers and passed on the dive prices.
    In addition, you can’t bring alcohol into the Maldives (so no duty free scotch or vodka…)
    I will stick to SE Asia, as well, in the future.
    We did meet Europeans who did say that there were good deals there outside of the chain hotels as StargoldUA mentioned.
    We are, however, booked for 10 nights in the Seychelles next February. Bucket list is dwindling…

  27. ralf says

    Well said. I’m also glad I went to the Maldives once, but will not return. Too boring…insanely expensive.

  28. eltex says

    The beauty of the OWV is what makes this place so attractive. But this style of vacation isn’t idea for everyone. For my style, I prefer the tropical beaches as well, but I also like have a variety of food styles and bar options to enjoy. Having the ability to visit local sites is also a plus. Someplace like Conrad Koh Samui would be ideal, or many of the locations in the Caribbean. Places like Belize offer lots of options for travelers. If you are a diver or serious snorkeler, this might be a place you NEED to visit, but I think for a lot of non-divers, this might not be the best option for a visit.

  29. says

    Nearly $400 for a two-tank dive is ludicrous. Combined with all the other costs there’s no way I could justify that trip. Even if the room and flights to MLE are “free” on points.

  30. ABC says

    Why not go to the Caribbean? From NYC (I presume) you can be at just any island in 4-5h. Many beaches are beautiful, you can scuba dive and you’re likely to be in the same time zone. Only difference with Bali is that the service may be better in SE asia, but I doubt anyone in NYC would care about that.

  31. says

    Well, I’ll never get to go because my wife simply won’t spend that much time on an airplane. I think it’s a place I’d like to see if I happened to be nearby (not possible I suppose). I appreciate your perspective. Makes me feel better that I’m not missing anything I can’t go on without. Guess I’ll go book another cruise. ;)

  32. matt says

    Interesting take – I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while. What amazes me is the level of angst regarding this property and similar apparently bubbling along right below the surface.

    Positive reviews by others doesn’t mean any one person would similarly enjoy the destination. I read lots of positive reviews of places that I suspect I would not enjoy for too long (and in most cases the reviews do touch on these concerns, just not focus on them)

    From the outside looking in, if/when I would head to the Maldives I’d probably not spend any more time than Angelina, and probably have similar reservations about the cost. One or 2 overpriced dive days, a day to relax and decompress (enforced relaxation, really), and I’d be about ready to head on. This doesn’t mean I distrust the reviews of others who love the place – rather there’s a limit to just how much I would see myself doing in such a place before getting a bit bored. Most of the time beach destinations are an interlude, rather than the destination, for me (my wife and I honeymooned on probably the only Caribbean island with no beach and loved it).

    Add in some time in Sri Lanka etc. which is well up on my list, and use this as a beach break in the middle of a larger trip, and a lot of the negatives are minimized.

    Of course, just yesterday I was musing that my “beach” (as in “place to relax, disconnect, unwind”) is actually long-haul flights, preferably up front. Enforced disconnection from the world, a comfortable seat, time to read/watch movies/etc. When I’m at an actual beach I’d rather explore/snorkel/scuba/etc.

  33. Skwok says

    For the overwater villas (or bungalows as its called in Tahiti), Tahiti may be a better value. I am not sure where else in the world has these but the convenience of just hopping off your porch to snorkel is awesome. This was what got me into snorkeling in the ocean as i just recently learned to swim. The upgrade over the room paid on points was about or slightly under $200 a night for an overwater bungalow. At SPG, i got a free upgrade with my Platinum status into one of these on the main island so this could be a cheaper way to experience an overwater room.

    In terms of prices, it is still expensive, but not as expensive as it is in the maldives. There are generally more people around so not as secluded.

    My wife and I are not really beach people so Tahiti was awesome. There was tons of stuff to do on the island, compared to just being on the water or the resort, like quad bikes, hiking, etc. There was diving and other aqua sports but we didn’t do those.

    The last comment was a great comment as i was thinking the same thing. My wife as in the British Virgin Islands and there are some amazing beaches there. If you are looking for good beaches, that is a good option for the East Coast as its a quick flight, versus Cancun or further destinations like Hawaii. The rest of the Caribbean are also great options as well for beach destinations.

  34. says

    Great to see a real review that wasn’t all glowing. After seeing the documentary “The Island President” I’ve wanted to visit even more. I may do a quick trip from Dubai solo in November for R&R good to know I don’t “need” to stay at PH –

  35. yumi says

    Everything else is better in Bali (if you’re considering the costs) but the quality of the water is incomparable ! :)

  36. justSaying says

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and the transparency that flowed thru it……….I sometimes feel I am reading a reviewer’s recount of how they are cutting another notch in their belt and it comes across in such a pompous way………
    I have never been west of Hawaii but will eventually go once I retire to make the trip last long enough…………but in the meantime Hawaii has offered great island experiences and since I enjoy simple non dive pleasures Hanauma Bay was quite a treat………..

  37. clarissa says

    We are headed there next week. Thanks for the Food cost breakdown. I DONT LIKE to be surprised by the costs and this was helpful so i could set a realistic budget before going.

    We got both our Etihad first class (from San Diego -stop over in Dubai 4 days-onto Maldives-and back) flights & the 4 PH hotel night for free using points/miles so I really cant be so wallet sore about paying for the food. lol.

  38. Lee says

    Hi. I like your post. I have a question. I plan to take SQ flight which arrives MLE at 2200 hr on Thursday. Do you think Park Hyatt will arrange transfer at that late hour? You mentioned yours is night transfer. What time did u arrive MLE?
    Assuming PH do night transfer, (i’ve check maldivian airline website, they have last flight from Male to Kooddoo at 2345 hr Thursday… arrives at Kooddoo at 0130 hr. Friday.), do u think PH allows so early check in (in middle of the night…. maybe 0300am) . My hotel booking is Friday to Monday. I’m Diamond member. Thanks for your advise.

  39. Ejm says

    IMHO, just three nights is not enough from a value perspective. It costs $510 for the round trip transfer from Male to Hyatt and many hours of travel to get there. What a waste of money and time to only stay for the equivalent of a long weekend. Personally, I will be staying there for 14 days.

    I got a really great deal at the hotel so that the average cost per night is approximately $136 US dollars before tax.

    I think the reviewer went to a very secluded romantic place for lovers and divers, and she did not have a good time because she did not dive or have a love-interest.

  40. says

    The Park Hyatt Maldives is the best hotel/vacation I have ever been on.

    Yes I will agree the price is steep. You need to pay 500$ a person to get to the island alone but the experience getting there is well worth it. You fly above all the atolls and rings in the ocean which allow you to see the complete beauty of the Maldives. Then upon arriving at the airport you take about a 45 minute boat ride to the island. I did not take 5 hours from airport to hotel. We had a smooth travel and didn’t seem long at all. There are people from the Park Hyatt waiting for you as soon as you land, they take your bags and make sure your escorted to the boat where they hand you a cold towel and a bottle of water. Honestly all the travel pays off when your boat catches the first glimpse of the Park Hyatt.

    This is not a backpackers trip. If you’re looking to skimp on spending money why would you choose such a luxurious destination? Walking in here I knew the food would be expensive, you’re in the middle of the Indian Ocean with no one around. They have a boat come once a week to deliver food. That’s why you’re paying a premium for food. You’re on this remote island to be far away from everything, to relax, reconnect with yourself and be pampered. Breakfast is 30++ per person but it’s all you can eat gourmet food. From fresh juice to gourmet coffees and exquisite dishes. We had oatmeal, muslix, melon juices, pineapple juice, pancakes, double deep fried eggs, French toast, expresso, lattes and fresh fruit. Breakfast can be expensive for a couple, coming in close to 80$ US but for what you get its more than reasonable. Think home much breakfast would cost back home, then think I am in the middle of the Indian Ocean on an island miles away from anything. You can always order from the in room dining and that cost a fraction of the price. That way you can sit on your balcony and enjoy some food.

    For an island located miles from anything these is still a lot to do. The have sunrise and sunset yoga as well as gym facilities. People will also run through the jungle like walkways between the rooms which is amazing. There is also snorkeling which is amazing. You have some of the most exotic fish in the world in one of the most pristine coral reefs in the Maldives. This island is big on being green which is awesome. They make their own water and bottle it themselves meaning they don’t have any bottled water and save over 100,000 water bottles a year. How amazing is that.

    On Saturday nights they have the GM event, which is beautifully set up. You can watch the sunset as you enjoy cocktails and some yummy treats. It’s worth it, so if you can plain your trip around the Saturday event I would highly recommend it. They have two restaurants which both offer amazing food. I highly recommend you try seafood while you’re there, they have so much fresh stuff its better than anything I’ve had. They also offer 150$++ a person dinners, these are expensive but if you’re in the mood for a good dinner with a lot to eat it is worth it. My husband and I didn’t eat at one but we will definitely do so when we return. Yes we will be returning as soon as we can to paradise on earth.

    We enjoyed the island so much and Victoria our hostess who was amazing. She took care of everything from making sure our room was always cleaned when we were at breakfast to knowing we liked having more still water in the room the bubbly. She also made sure our spa treatments was booked for us and flights were arranged to work with our international flights. I would highly recommend if you are going to ask for Victoria as your hostess she is EXCELLENT. Speaks amazing English. Overall this island was paradise and sad to see someone would say three days was more than enough. I left after 5 days and wish I had more days. Next time I will book a week, there is so much to do on such a small island. And you can relax and reconnect with yourself. The rooms are beautiful, zen inspired and very clean. This hotel is no question a five star hotel.

    For me was one of the best trips of my life and I would love to thank Hadahaa for that.


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