I Can’t Buy American Airlines Gift Cards with my AmEx #NJProblems

I’m sure by now, many of you already know that one of the benefits of the American Express Platinum cards is the $200 yearly airline fee credit (if not, see this post), and one way to satisfy that credit is to purchase airline gift cards.

Earlier in the year, American Express noted that their US Airways Club/American Airlines Admirals Club lounge access would no longer be a card-member benefit after March 31, and as a courtesy, they were offering card members an additional incidentals credit to compensate for the loss of the lounge privileges.

Again, many card members had the same gift card idea.

However, when I went to purchase an American Airlines e-gift card using my AmEx Platinum, I received this error message:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.00.21 PM

Even though, I was not having a physical gift card shipped to a NJ address, I was prevented from purchasing a gift card, period, just because my card had a NJ billing address. It was quite frustrating, and I know many of my fellow NJ readers also faced the same dilemma. This FlyerTalk post further explains the limitations NJ residents face when purchasing gift cards.

Luckily, I have another out-of-state residence, so with a quick call to AmEx, I explained my situation and was able to temporarily change my billing address so that my purchases would go through. I highly recommend anyone else in my shoes do the same.

What is your opinion on the gift card laws that are coming into effect? Do you think it’s unfair that it prevents even e-gift card purchases? Would love to hear your thoughts…


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  1. Dona says

    Let us know if you are credited for the gift card purchase. I purchased an e-gift card after March 22 pursuant to the offer they gave me ($500 credit as I used the AA lounges a lot) on the AA site 2 weeks ago and have not yet received the credit….making me wonder if they are no longer allowing this avenue for redemption of their offer.

  2. Segments says

    Aren’t you glad your state legislators are protecting you from evil gift cards? LOL That’s what you get with big brother government deciding more regulation is good.

  3. says

    @NickfromCT: haha so true~

    @Dona: I’m in same boat as you. Will keep you posted if I get the credit…

    @Segments: you took the words out of my mouth!

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