Free Money and Gift Cards Via Twitter & American Express

Wow, talk about me falling off the planet the last few days! It looks like I have some explaining to do as I have definitely fell behind on the posts (it’s for a good reason, I swear!) I have been on cloud 9 since Kevin popped the question this past Saturday night! He proposed during a quiet and romantic shared moment on a pier overlooking the NYC skyline in Hoboken (for “points/miles” sake, more specifically, it was outside of the W Hoboken). We are both very excited about this new milestone in our relationship; and yes it looks like I will still continue to wear the “points” in the relationship. :)

After a weekend of celebrations with family [that ended too quickly], it was time to go back to work. Yesterday and today consisted of two 15-hour work days on a new TV show that’s set in 1956. After looooong day on sets (squeezed into a  23″-waist girdle, mind you – how on earth did women of the 1950s do it every day?), the only thing I craved more than points and miles was my bed, so that pretty much explains my hibernation. Take a look at the shots of me in my oh-so-trendy outfit below – gotta love the wig!

Now the fun part about being stuck on set for all of those hours was playing with my phone and catching up with the latest deals. I’m sure most of you know by now that American Express has some enticing promotions available to those who sync their card to their Twitter accounts. Having two Amex cards myself, a Twitter account, and access to Kevin’s Twitter account, I decided to conquer some of these promotions. Here’s some that I took advantage of:

  • Spend $5 at McDonalds, get a $5 statement credit back (#AmexMcDonalds) – before the comments become flooded with folks saying McDonalds is awful for your health (duh LOL), do know that I only go there when I need a quick-fix of a freshly-brewed unsweetened iced tea for the most part. What I did with this one was buy a $5 McDonalds gift card which each of my synced American Express cards. $10 in free McDonalds – bingo!
  • Spend $10 at Best Buy, get a $10 statement credit (#AmexBestBuy10) – this was an easy $20 in Best Buy gift cards! I purchased two separate $10 gift cards using each of my synced American Express cards on
  • Spend $75 at Whole Foods, get up to $40 back: This offer is a potential triple-dip between Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare (which I finally got today, and now I’m hooked!)

Twitter (#AmexWholeFoods): Spend $75 at Whole Foods, get a $20 statement credit back
FourSquare: Check in with your synced American Express card on Foursquare, and get $10 back on any purchase of $50 or more (until 3/15/12).
Facebook: Sync your Amex with American Express’ Link – Like – Love promo to get $10 back on any purchase of $50 or more (until 3/23/12). This is potentially a great way to buy a $75 gift card from Whole Foods and receive up to $40 in statement credits.

  • Spend $25 at Gulf, get a $5 statement credit (#AmexGulfOil) – let’s just face it – gas prices are skyrocketing any there’s very little we can do to avoid paying at the pump. This is a case where every little bit helps.
  • Donate to a $5 to Charity in Austin, TX, get $10 back (#AmexAustin10) – there’s only a few hours left of this offer as it expires at midnight tonight, but this is definitely my favorite of the bunch because not only are you contributing to a good cause (tax-deductible), but you can potentially profit as well. I chose to make two $5 donations to the Austin Children’s Shelter. Immediately afterwards, I received a confirmation email notifying me of my transaction with my synced card, also stating that I would receive a $10 statement credit in 3-5 days.
  • Spend $50 at Cheesecake Factory, get up to $20 back: This offer is a potential double dip between Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter (#AmexCheesecake): Spend $50 at Cheesecake Factory, get a $10 statement credit.
Facebook: Sync your Amex with American Express’ Link – Like – Love promotion to get a $10 statement credit with a $50 purchase. This is potentially a way to get a $50 Cheesecake Factory gift card for only $30, after the statement credits.

That’s all for now, my bed is calling my name… how have you taken advantage of these offers?




  1. jo41 says

    unfortunately it seems you can only sync one card per unique twitter account- did you create other accounts?

  2. says

    @jo41 yes it’s one card per account. If you have multiple accounts, consider using your spouses, a friend, or family members account to sync your other cards.

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